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The New Picture Book Association congratulates Benjamin Gottwald at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

(f.l. Anke Hennings-Huep, Benjamin Gottwald,
Dieter Böge, Anjuscha Gabin)


Congratulations to Benjamin Gottwald!

…miglior libro senza parole!

“SPINNE SPIELT KLAVIER” wins the Premio Andersen 2023
for the “Best book without words”.


SPINNE SPIELT KLAVIER (SPIDER PLAYS PIANO) won a special mention at the international Bologna Children’s Book Fair.
2349 titles from 644 publishers in 59 countries were entered in the competition.

Spinne spielt Klavier (Spider Plays Piano)

Illustrations by Benjamin Gottwald, prolog by Dieter Böge
Carlsen Verlag GmbH, Germany, 2022

What the jury said:
How many sounds can a picture suggest? This is a noisy silent book that invites the reader to read it aloud and explore sounds for over 100 double spreads. Using images from our immediate surroundings, Spider Plays Piano encourages a playful resounding reading experience. A perfect read-together book in a bold cartoon style, the rhythm and energy of the illustrations encourage a rapid interactive response. This is a book that you can sing, or clap, or scream, or whisper. Each time it is read the contribution from the reader creates a new composition. A book demonstrating the visual experience of sound where synesthesia turns into a playful multi sensual reading experience.


IL GRANDE LIBRO DEI RUMORI at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, March 2023

Spider Plays Piano in Hamburg
Exhibition at Strips and Stories, November 2022

Spider Plays Piano at the Hamburg Comic Festival
Exhibition by Benjamin Gottwald, September 2022

We mourn the loss of Horst Werner
Our founding member Horst Werner passed away on July 27, 2022 at the age of 85. As director of the Fabrik der Künste, he was instrumental in realizing the idea of a Hamburg Picture Book Prize. Illustration was a particular passion of Horst Werner, who always publicly emphasized the importance of Hamburg as a “city of illustration” and often referred to his Fabrik der Künste as the “House of Illustration”. We will miss our friend Horst very much.

Verein Neues Bilderbuch

Illustrator Benjamin Gottwald won the 2021 Hamburger Bilderbuchpreis! 
Our congratulations!

Cornelia Funke supports the Hamburger Bilderbuchpreis

The author became a member of the Verein Neues Bilderbuch in January 2021. We bid her a warm welcome and are delighted to have her as a famous honorary member.


Every two months, the book industry’s specialist journal selects ‘the best from the ocean of books’. Along with the Hamburger Bilderbuchpreis, this is the fourth award won by our prizewinner. Our congratulations to Ulrike Jänichen!

In December 2020, ZUG DER FISCHE won the ‘LESEPETER’.

The LesePeter is an award presented by the Young People’s Literature and Media Committee (AJuM) of the Education and Science Workers’ Union (GEW) for an outstanding contemporary work of children’s and young people’s literature. A detailed review (in German) is available on the  Website der AJuM .

In October 2020, the Deutschlandfunk jury also honoured ZUG DER FISCHE.

Listen to the radio report (in German) here:

ZUG DER FISCHE arrived in bookshops in 2020!

Exhibition of the works on the Hamburger Bilderbuchpreis shortlist at the Kinderbuchhaus in the Altona Museum, August 2019

Exhibition of submissions and works on the shortlist at Fabrik der Künste, April 2019

Audience discussion with Association members at Fabrik der Künste

Award ceremony 2019

We congratulate illustrator Ulrike Jänichen, who won the first Hamburger Bilderbuchpreis with her book project ‘Zug der Fische’.

The speech by Dr. Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media and patron of the award, can be read  here.

The speech by jury chairman Dieter Böge can be read here.

Die Jury des Hamburger Bilderbuchpreises 2019

V.l.: Hans ten Doornkaat (Kritiker), Dr. Dagmar Gausmann-Läpple (Kinderbuchhaus Hamburg), Renate Herre (Carlsen Verlag), Dr. Franziska Walther (Illustratoren Organisation IO), Dieter Böge (Verein Neues Bilderbuch), Nadia Budde (Illustratorin), Torben Kuhlmann (Illustrator)

Senator for Culture and Media Dr Carsten Brosda becomes patron of the Hamburger Bilderbuchpreis

Dr Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media: ‘Picture books blur the boundaries between literature and painting in a striking way, enabling multifaceted narrative forms to emerge. As patron of the Hamburger Bilderbuchpreis, I am delighted to be able to honour some especially innovative examples of this creative interplay.’

Dr. Carsten Brosda, Senator für Kultur und Medien, übernimmt die Schirmherrschaft des Hamburger Bilderbuchpreises. Bild: Bertold Fabricius.

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